import { Container } from 'bumbag';


A container's max width is fixed, and varies per viewport breakpoint.

A container's max width is defined for viewport widths of tablet (768px) and above. For widths below tablet (768px), a left and right margin is applied.

Hello world!
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#Fixed width

A container's max width can be fixed after a certain breakpoint, meaning until that breakpoint has been reached, the width will be 100%.

Hello world!
Hello world!
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By default, a container is aligned to the center, however its alignment can be left or right aligned with the align prop.

Hello world!
Hello world!
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#Fluid containers

A fluid container's width is always 100%, but has a fixed left and right margin of 2rem (2 * root font size 16px). For devices under the tablet (768px) viewport, the margin is 1rem.

Hello world!
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#Container Props

align "right" | "left" | "center"

Sets the alignment of the container.


(string & {})
  | "tablet"
  | "mobile"
  | "fullHD"
  | "widescreen"
  | "desktop"

Sets the breakpoint width of the container.

isFluid boolean

Indicates if the container is fluid.

isLayout boolean

Indicates if the container is of a layout type.

Inherits Box props


  | (ComponentClass<any, any> & { useProps: any; })
  | (FunctionComponent<any> & { useProps: any; })

className string


  | number
  | boolean
  | {}
  | ReactElement<any, string
  | ((props: any) => ReactElement<any, string
  | ...
  | (new (props: any) => Component<any, any, any>)>)
  | (new (props: any) => Component<...>)>
  | ReactNodeArray
  | ReactPortal
  | ((props: BoxProps) => ReactNode)

alignX "right" | "left" | "center"

alignY "top" | "bottom" | "center"

variant string

colorMode string

disabled boolean


  useCSSVariables?: boolean;
  altitudes?: AltitudesThemeConfig;
  borders?: BordersThemeConfig;
  borderRadii?: BorderRadiiThemeConfig;
  ... 95 more ...;
  Template?: TemplateThemeConfig;

elementRef ((instance: any) => void) | RefObject<any>

themeKey string


Hello world
Hello world
Hello world
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