Bumbag allows you to flexibly build your own components on top of the Bumbag components using a set of composition techniques.

#use prop

You can pass a component to the use prop on any Bumbag component. This can be useful when you want to use a different component but still want to preserve the styling.

A common case could be rendering a link as a button:

Editable example

You can even pass your own components to use:

Editable example


You can also use hooks to leverage Bumbag's components. Every Bumbag component comes with a useProps hook.

The first and only parameter to useProps are the props for the component.

This is a link rendered as a button
Editable example

#Render props

As an alternative to the useProps hook, every Bumbag component also accepts children as a function (render props).

Editable example
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